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how we handle donations & requests


T4D donates to a select number of charitable organizations throughout the year. Our entire year long donation budget is laid out the month of January each year. At this time, donations for 2015 have already been selected.


Charities are selected by T4D staff. Our screening process includes an application, literature about the organization, detailed information on any sponsorship T4D receives, detailed list of services/goods needed. Click here for an application.


Once accepted, donations cannot be altered. We will only donate in stock items. If quantities required exceed the amount in stock, the remainder must be paid in advance. We do not donate goods or services the months of April - October. As a Rapid City business, we only donate to organizations that benefit the Rapid City area directly. We generally do not donate 'in kind' but will match paid for goods and services with an equal donation of time or inventory.


As a small company, our resources are limited. However, if your organization does not receive donated goods from us, we do offer all (501)3c organizations a 10% non profit discount.


    In order to qualify for the 10% non profit discount you must:

    -    Provide proper SD state non profit status paperwork prior to date of event (if paperwork

         is not in place before event, the discount will not be honored)

    -    Provide a signed CC authorization form

    -    Have signed contracts on file with T4D

    -    Confirm event numbers 14 days prior to event. No changes can be made after this time.



Download Donation Application

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