Getting paid to design the extravagant, the over the top, the indulgent is an easy job to love. However, every great event, much like every great girls night out, comes with a 8 am hangover that always takes longer to get rid of than originally planned.


the most dreaded detail of dealing with any event is the "b" word - budget. Or as most brides see it, not enough money to get everything they want. 

and though I agree that the over the top fully detailed weddings will and do cost a lot of money, I also often see people...

As anyone who has been at more than a couple weddings knows how vital good entertainment is to the wedding success. A good DJ will keep your guests engaged and participating until the very last song. 

Here is a suggested list of questions to ask when interviewing a pote...

a list of questions to ask your caterer if you are planning a wedding offsite, in a tent or anywhere without a working kitchen

two critical questions to ask your venue about table set up and layout to prevent wedding day set up complications

we all fall in love with the amazing tabletops that we see posted in designer mags, the layers of glorious china, the mutlicolored stemware, the overall "ahhhhhhh' feeling that one gets when looking at a well designed table. But there are differences between pictures a...

Here you are planning all the perfect little details for your wedding... Finding your decorator, picking your flowers and centerpieces. Coming up with the table numbers and favors and signature cocktails... all of these things to give your friends and family the best p...

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the importance of tabletop design

March 15, 2018

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