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To Qualify for Cater Rate you must:

- Operate a party/event oriented business or service

- Have a signed contract on file with T4D

- Utilize rental linens for listed business purposes only


Linens subject to tax unless T4D has current tax exemption form on file.

Cater rate client will be responsible for full replacement cost of any linen that is damaged beyond repair including but not limited to: candle wax; mildew; holes; ink stains; tape residue; bodily fluids, etc.


All specialty linen orders must be placed prior to event and confirmed no later than 2 weeks before the event. T4D makes every attempt to keep linen in stock but no guarantees on quantity are made without confirmation. Expedited order fees may be assessed for orders adjusted past the one week deadline. 


Orders cannot be cancelled or altered after the two week deadline. Client will be charged the full invoice amount for any orders cancelled within 14 days of the event. Once items are reserved, client is responsible for 50% of the invoice, even in the event of item cancellation.


At times TD will sub-rent linen to accommodate large orders. In these cases all attempts will be made to match above prices, but additional charges may apply. T4D will not authorize additional charges without client consent. In these sub-rental situations, T4D will require prepayment in full.


Hangers and clips must be returned or client will be charged as follows: 10.00/skirt hanger; .25/metal hanger; .10/safety pin; .75/skirt clip.


Linen must be stored dry and retuned in cloth bags provided. Linen must be free of debris before bagging. Failure to do these things can result in moldy linen and client will be charged.


Do not spot clean, iron or launder linens without T4D’s consent. Laundering can damage the linens beyond repair and client will be responsible.


All prices are based in single day event prices: Items are available for pick up 1 day prior to event and must be returned by 5:00 the next business day. If events are longer than one day, T4D will gladly work with you on pricing.


in order to qualify for the reduced rate, client agrees to guarantee 300.00/year in linen rental. if at the end of a contract year, the minimum requirement has not been met, client will no longer qualify for the reduced rate. (non reduced linen rentals do count toward the minimum)


table 4 decor reserves the right to changes or withdraw reduced rate pricing at any time. however, existing contracts will be honored. client will be informed via password protected website of the most up to date pricing information.



failure to follow above guidelines will result in contract termination.   


contact a table 4 decor representative today to apply for cater rate status.   





thanks for contacting us. we will get back to you shortly!

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