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What size linen do you need?

I can see people's eyes start to glaze over when I begin talking about linen sizes. Rattling through numbers like 90x156 and 54x54 vs 72x72 makes most people flash back to their worst math teacher, right down to the sweaty palms and darting eyeballs.

So we have tried to come up with a way to make it a bit easier on you as you look for your dream tabletop.

standard 8' banquet table 30x96"

(left) cloth hangs to the lap: 60x120

(right) cloth hangs to the floor: 90x156

Standard 6' banquet table: 30x72"

(left) cloth hangs to the lap: 60x90

(right) cloth hangs to the floor: 90x132

5' round table

(left) cloth hang to the lap: 90" round

(right) cloth hangs to the floor: 120" round

overlay cloths

these generally come in 4 sizes - 45x45; 60x60, 72x72 and 85x85. If you have to use one as a cloth for a round table, an 85x85 is the only one that fits properly (also known as a poor man's floor length cloth). If you rent runners from table 4 decor, they are cut to fit the 85x85 cloths, with pointed ends and everything. (or they fit 120" rounds or 60x120"s - our inventory is versatile!

Cocktail tables

If you are going to put a linen on a cocktail table set at standard bar height (42") the only acceptable size is a 120" round. Everything else looks ridiculous.

check out our everchanging and uber great linen selection here or stop by our showroom to design a tabletop in our totally interactive showroom.

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