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rapid city's best kept wedding secret

okay, so we are writing a post about us by us to tell you how fabulous we are and that is shameless and but we hear this so often it bears addressing:

by the time our fabulous clients find us, they often say, "I wish we would have found you guys sooner."

they say this because they didn't know they could rent all this 'stuff'. because they didn't know the cost of rental is so much more reasonable than buying, because it supports local and small business, because they don't want the hassle of storing, moving and selling all the stuff they do have. they say this because they didn't know about us.

oh, and it is worth mentioning that boy do we have a ton of awesome stuff.

so why aren't we the easiest wedding and event rental company to find in rapid city? Mainly because we don't spend a ton on advertising. that's it. advertising costs a lot of money and we have been lucky enough to build business by word of mouth. sure we have our couple of advertising loves: audra's bridal gallery & black hills bride, but we believe in passing as much value on to our existing customers as possible, rather than spending money chasing new customers.

in south dakota, we work hard and appreciate value. our do it yourself spirit led us to survive and live with this frontier and it seeps into every decision we make - including wedding decor.

we are able to pass along a better value to our customers. our rental prices are consistently the most reasonable in rapid city. additionally, we never sacrifice qaulity for value in our rental inventory (which means no tulle or hobby lobby floral).

  • our linen is A grade & made in america.

  • our sashes are folded over and marrowed so the pattern is the same on both sides (see our video about folding chair sashes properly and you will see what we mean by this).

  • we stock and launder our own linen, rather than sub renting. (we will sub rent if you have some crazy, whacky, cool request we don't stock).

  • we design and build many of our props in house which ensures maximum flexibility in usage

all of these steps allow us flexibility to fix last minute problems, provide local employment and cut down on shipping pollution.

we take the time to visit with our rental and decorating clients to find out what exactly they need and how that actually fits in with that they want. our parties can be recognized by style and consistency of decor. one of the biggest compliments we recieve is when someone stops by and says - "hey I was at one of your events last weekend."

so don't be afraid, call us today and find out what sort of awesome ways we can help you with your next big soiree. you will be surprised at what you find and when will understand why we are the best kept wedding secret in the black hills.

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