seating options in the black hills

this was posted on another blog a couple years ago but it is summer time and chairs are on all of our minds so enjoy this refresher.


Chairs are one of the most necessary yet least glamorous details of event planning. Most venues have chairs, be they good or bad, that are included with the rental cost so it is hard not to use them.  (thinking about getting covers, check out this post)


But if you are in need of seating or just really can't bring yourself to use the chairs you have, you do have options.


White wedding chairs (or white wood folding chairs)

are the most common and what we rent at T4D.

Advantages: larger feet so they don't sink into the ground. they instantly invoke a wedding vibe with their crisp clean lines. fairly easy to transport/set up/tear down.

Disadvantages: wooden ones are harder to maintain and can become easily beat up. the pad is thin and not meant for extremely long seated periods.

Cost - $$ out of 4


plastic folding chairs

advantages: cost effective and very easy to transport

disadvantages: does not do well outdoors, especially if you are setting up on well watered grass or slightly inclined space. the tubular feet have a tendency to sink into the ground. also not too comfortable for your larger built guests. (this is a complaint I have heard dozens of times over the years - one gentleman even goes so far as to rent a chair from us anytime he goes to a wedding)

cost: $ out of 4



chiavari chairs (sometimes called cane back) Cane back chairs or chiavari chairs are increasingly popular at events in the hills.

advantages: Their formal look and clean lines add an elegance to any space that is difficult to match.

disadvantages: they are difficult to move and store (they do not fold so in order to rent a hundred, you will need a large truck), they are lightweight and blow around easily and they fall into the higher price range. These are best recommended for receptions or indoor ceremonies and not outside.

cost: $$$$ out of 4






other seating options:


haybales – this is one that has been requested a lot lately. a cute idea on pinterest and perfect if you are getting married in an orchard.

advantages: cute and somewhat unique

disadvantages: very difficult to transport, hard to source enough

If it rains, they are impossible to dry out quickly,

they are itchy and pokey.

If you go this route, I suggest seating the first two rows on haybales and transition to chairs for the rest of our guests

cost: varies - sweat equity is very  high