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naked tables? get a skirt on it

author's note: this is a post i wrote a few years back on a different blog and we thought it might be worth repeating! enjoy

I can’t tell you how many times we hear – “Well, I don’t really need to skirt the tables do I? I already have a tablecloth.”

I want to scream “YES! SKIRT THE DAMN TABLE” in their faces. I don’t actually do that (it does sound awesome though) but I do try to steer them to the right design decision- you guessed it – skirting the tables.

Think about your pictures first off – do you really want to look back on your pictures years later and see your feet sticking out of the bottom of the table as your father makes the toast of your dreams. Do you want to have your artfully crafted, often expensive wedding cake sitting atop a beautiful tabletop and then see the carpet and table legs on the underside?

Secondly – think about the overall investment – in both time and money. You have already committed to spending a certain amount – probably a hefty sum compared to what you spend on other parties in your lifetime. You spend your time scouring the web, magazines, blogs so you can put your own unique stamp on your wedding. You’ve bought favors & gifts & save the date cards & decorating supplies and have planned for months. And when guests walk into the room, the first thing many of them notice is that the buffet looks tacky without a tableskirt. I know this because they often show up in our shop telling us all the things they don’t like about the other weddings they’ve been to (brides reading this, you know what I’m talking about).

Lastly – two words: wardrobe malfunction. Many times, the head table is elevated so everyone can see the couple and wedding party for toast and what not. Shorter bridesmaids dresses are increasingly popular. And though not skirting the table may give Uncle Albert a wedding peep show he is regaling the nursing home with for months, it is best to give your wedding party and yourself a chance to relax while on display.

Tips about table skirting-

  • you will need to know the linear feet you are trying to skirt – ie how many tables will be pushed together for the head table. (3) 8′ head tables pushed together would require 29′ of skirt to go around 3 sides and 53′ of skirt to to around all four sides.

  • you will need to know the thickness of the tabletop so your rental company can get you the right size clips

  • it is skirting only – you will need to order table cloths or toppers separately.

  • the two most common types are shirred (which looks gathered at the top) and box pleat which kindof looks like pleats in a pair of Dockers.

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