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how to tie chair sashes - proper style

So you have to tie 100 chair sashes. That will be fun (insert your own reaction here, sarcasm, anger, actual anticipation). Table 4 Decor Designer Alayna Richardson shares a few tips to make this process a bit easier.

  • make sure you get good sashes. at table 4 decor, our rental chair sashes are folded over and marrowed down one side. This ensures a consistent pattern and stiffer bow. We know it is tempting to order the 50 cent chair sashes from the internet but think before you do it. In some cases fabric like basic polyester or organza, these cheap a%$ sashes can work for you. Don't plan on drying them or using them again. inexpensive fabric will generally not stand up well to a home dryer or washer and often set wrinkles (or burn) after just one wash. And they will make a sort of, ahem, limp bow. If you plan to go with a patterned fabric or a satin, cheap sashes will be a nightmare. Why? Because satin is shiny on one side and not the other so when you go to tie a bow, it is almost impossible to get the bow to look the same on both loops.

  • Find your best bow tyers and set them in a corner with a couple of chairs and a stack of bows. They can tie them, slip them off the chair and hand them off to Less Qualified Bow Tyers (LQBT) and the LQBT's can then take them and put them over the other chairs. This saves a lot of bending over and helps ensure consistent looking chair bows throughout the space. If you have access to the exact chair you will be using prior to the event, you can always pretie all of the sashes and bring them ready to slip on when you arrive to set up.

  • if you rent, remember to return the bows untied. rental companies will generally charge to untie the chair bows (we charge 1.00 per sash which is a high number on purpose, meant to encourage you to return them untied). this can be especially important to communicate, especially if the person that rented the sashes is not responsible for setting them up or tearing them down. Communicate clearly with your planner, venue or family members that they need to be untied so they aren't just pulled off and piled up at the end of the evening.

As always, you can visit our interactive showroom to try out your own chair sash design. This is just one way to dress your banquet chair up and our rental & design experts look forward to helping you find the fabric and style that works with you event design. Why buy when you can rent better for less?

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