two great fall centerpieces!

Either of these great centerpieces rent for 15.00. Call table 4 decor to discuss your next great party idea. 


bittersweet pinecone centerpiece


things you will need - or can rent: 

4x8" cylinder

6x10" cylinder

3x5" LED candle



charger plate (optional)

glue dots


Begin by putting glue dots in bottom of 10x6" cylinder. Place 4x8" cylinder inside and secure to glue dots.


add pinecones between cylinders to desired height.


wind bittersweet between cylinders.


add candle and done - easy sleazy!



sunflower lantern centerpiece


things you will need (or can rent)

10" or taller lantern

curly willow or grapevine garland

3x6 LED candle

three artificial sunflower




Begin by adding LED candle to lantern. **See note about remote control LED candles below.


Wrap grapevine garland around lantern.


Add sunflowers and rosehips to the garland as desired.  


loverly, just loverly!


***totally awesome rental item alert- our LED candles come with a remote control and run for 12 hours.  The remote is perfect lanterns where you need to open the door to light the candle. Not so with the remote control - just point and BOOM - candle light! 


Rent these and other great ideas for your upcoming fall event. Or call us to see what else Table 4 Decor has to offer for your next event. 

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