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i wish i would've: paid attention to the yucky details

Here you are planning all the perfect little details for your wedding... Finding your decorator, picking your flowers and centerpieces. Coming up with the table numbers and favors and signature cocktails... all of these things to give your friends and family the best possible experience.

When planning a wedding in a pavilion, tent or home, there are few additional things to keep in mind - the less fun things to consider.

exterior path lights rental
  • Porta Potties - No they are not usually that glamorous but don't invite guests into your home to use bathrooms. Not only will you be dealing with additional foot traffic, most home toilets are not able to handle that much use.

  • ​don't forget handwashing stations with your rental.

  • Lighting for parking areas/non party areas -

Make sure to consider how well the parking lots or exit paths are for your guests, especially after hours. Are the paths clean and clear? Can someone in heels or who is tipsy find their way easily.

  • Garbage cans - People by nature will not hold on to garbage for an extended period of time. Make sure to have a number of garbage cans spread around your event and have them well marked so your event stays clean and inviting for guests the entire evening.

  • bonus - offer recycling options for guests to cut down on your garbage disposal. your guests will swoon for your environmentally conscience party and you can dispose of recyclables free of charge in the city parks - win... win....WINNING!

  • Garbage disposal post event - make sure you have good garbage bags and a truck to get rid of garbage. Having a designated truck standing by and ready to fill is a bonus because your catering staff can change bags during the event if needed.

  • Bussing Station - Don't forget an 8' banquet table with bus tubs and garbage cans so staff can bus tables more efficiently.

  • Kitchen area - often in outdoor locales or tent weddings, there is not a kitchen area. Which means your caterer will probably be bringing food in. Providing them tables and a private area to prepare food is key to successful food service offsite.

  • Signage to guide guests: when you have a home wedding or a wedding in a non traditional venue, signage is key to guest comfort and preserving your property.

  • Bathrooms

  • dancing

  • Food & Bar areas

  • smoking areas

  • parking areas

  • Alcohol -

champagne flute rental
  • service (how will you serve it? Bar, keg, wine on tables) will guests serve themselves or with you have a bartender?

  • glassware

  • storage

  • ice

  • staff

  • garbage

when planning an outdoor tent event, our event rental team is here to help you. We rent path lighting, garbage cans, signage and glassware. Feel free to stop by our interactive showroom at 3104 W. St Louis and see how table 4 decor can help you today.

For porta potty rental, contact A Royal Flush or Kieffer Sanitation.

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