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i wish i would've: asked my off site caterer these questions

We just wrapped up our first tent wedding of 2017 - isn't is just perfectly charming.

blue gingham wedding

We had the opportunity of working with one of our favorite caterers - Anything's Possible. And it gave us time to think about some of the details that can be overlooked when planning a wedding in a place without a regular kitchen.

In addition to your normal budget and menu questions you will cover with you caterer, here is a checklist of other things to consider when planning a fabulous south dakota outdoor wedding.

Do you bring your own:

Do you provide beverages?

Coffee (cream & sugar)



Does this include ice service?

Do you have power needs? (if using warming/holding ovens, what sort of wattage)

Do you provide linen for the buffet tables? Is it floor length?

Do you provide coordinating decor for the buffet

Do you need additional tables to set up your kitchen space? Do you need a sheltered space?

What sort of staff is provided? What are their duties?

WIll staff bus the tables? Will they stay until end of event?

Can you serve alcohol? Do you provide or do I?

And as always when you are planning your south dakota wedding, table 4 decors rents everything (china, silverware, tables, chairs, linen - even salt and pepper shakers) one needs to have perfect outdoor event. contact us today

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