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Consider renting before you buy...

In the last week we have booked centerpieces for 6 events. These centerpieces have ranged in price from 10.00 up to 40.00. These centerpieces included the vases, floral, lighting. The clients all had ideas of what they wanted and came to us to see if we could make it happen. For those 6 people, we did.

I am not here to tell you that you can't purchase nice items from the dollar store or that you can't make things on your own. I am here to tell you that we hear all the time from people that wish they had come to us first. A rental company is sort of like a food co-op; everyone helps contribute to keep the prices down and you have access to SO MUCH MORE STUFF!

deadwood wedding centerpiece

Consider ACTUALLY making your own centerpieces. How many stems do you need per each? What about the foam, the anchors, the lighting option? How will you transport the items? How many trips will you be making to the store to get it all accomplished? How much will you spend on shipping? Will you have to paint or adjust or fix the items just so they look the way you want? Do you have the space to store the items?

Fast forward to the day of - you are now spending your valuable morning time setting up centerpieces or babysitting people to do so. What if they don't care as much as you want? or worse -they don't show up because, hey... they are doing you a favor? When you hire someone to do things for you they have no excuse. They weren't your sophomore roommates in college, or a buddy you worked together with for two years a while ago. Hired pros are there to work for you and give you the peace of mind that day and allows you to enjoy your time with your family and friends - not micromanaging how many pine cones are on each tabletop or why your future sister in law is spending more time on her phone than helping you set up your wedding.

wedding mess aftermath

Now think about the next day - the day after your wedding. You have all this stuff. You have to take it all back home, you have to clean it, you have to store it, you have to put time into trying to sell it. Will you be able to sell it right away or will you be moving it around your house for a few months? As we are all guilty of doing when we are trying to sell used items, we want too much money for them. i often see brides try to sell their used centerpieces for damn near what they paid for them. This is an understandable human reflex - after all we know how much we invested and KNOW we have fantastic taste... however, the problem lies with other people just like you/us. When people are buying used stuff - they are usually searching for one thing - a very good deal. So an asking price of 15.00 for an item you paid 20.00 for won't sell as quickly as an asking price of 5.00.

Finally, think about this - you just HAD to purchase all of the things because you are planning to recoup some of your costs in the end by selling this stuff . But if you are thinking that way - how many other people are having the same thought? And will all of you end up flooding the market with a whole bunch of overpriced used items? This will ultimately end up creating a huge surplus of items that will have to be discounted more and more to get them out of your house.

Have your own awesome centerpiece idea?

Come on, you know you do.....

Stop by our totally interactive showroom today.

And before you buy, come and find out how affordable and easy renting centerpieces really can be.

a few centerpieces we designed in 2016.

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