i wish i would've: asked my dj these questions

As anyone who has been at more than a couple weddings knows how vital good entertainment is to the wedding success. A good DJ will keep your guests engaged and participating until the very last song. 


Here is a suggested list of questions to ask when interviewing a potential DJ.


  • Do you provide your own table/linen/skirting? If not, what size table do you need?

  • What sort of power do you need? (specific wattage if possible)

  • What sort of lighting do you provide? 

  • How do you engage the crowd? Do you play games or do group dances?

  • Are you equipped to set up outside? Who is responsible for damaged equipment in case of bad weather?

  • Do you have access to a generator?

  • Do you advertise your business at my event (in the way of signage or business cards placed on tables)?

  • Can I preview a show?

  • How involved will/can I be involved with song selection? (it is good to have your own style but also remember that your DJ is a professional so he may advise you not to play hard core rap all night long)

  • Will i meet the DJ that will be performing at my event ahead of time?





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