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fancy linen rental by table 4 decor rapid city sd

so what sort of linen are you looking for? sequin linen, chain lace, taffeta's - oh the lovely selection of taffeta tablecloths. table 4 decor loves fancy linen. our rental linen selection includes pintuck, lace, reversible metallic tablecloths. and if you don't see it, ask us because we haven't had a linen challenge we haven't been able to meet!

(+ our linen buying power puts us in a position to offer budget friendly rental prices)

blingy linen rental: sequins & textures
lush chiffon close up.jpeg
Black Sequin Linen
Gold Sequin Linen
Matte Blush Linen
Blush Sequin Linen
Charcoal Sequin Linen
Navy Sequin Linen
Silver Sequin on White Tafetta Linen
Gold Sequin Table Runner
Patina Sheer
Ruffle Gold Sequin Sheer
Champage Sequin Lace Overlay
Silver Sequin Lace Overlay
Turquoise Flower Chain Lace
Flower Chain Lace
organza linen rentals
lace linen rentals
Ivory Lace Linen
Vintage Lace Linen Overlay
White Lace Linen
ivory lace overlay
tafetta linen rental: pintuck, embroidered & petal
Fuchsia Pintuck Linen
Ivory Pintuck Linen
Charcoal Pintuck Table Runnes
Lime Green Pintuck
Silver Circle Taffeta Linen
Ivory Petal Tafetta Linen
silk rental linen
other awesome linen rentals
Lush Chiffon Blush Linen
brown leather linen.jpg
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