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linen rental:

table 4 decor is rapid city's premier supplier of specialty linen to rapid city's finest hotels. Our interactive wedding and event design showroom is set up for you to try out your own tabletop design before you rent. stop by today and discuss fabulous linen rental options with our event designers.

interactive showroom


want to check out what it looks like to build a plaid pattern with sashes? or see if your crazy centerpiece design will actually work. stop by our completely interactive showroom:


all of our instock linen & rental items are set up for you to touch, play with, design. bring your own ideas and see how they actually look or talk to a designer about custom design options. 

rental linen showroom rapid city

tablecloths easy to grab and play with at table 4 decor's interactive showroom. don't see what you want - don't worry we can get it! come by and play today!

napkin rental showroom rapid city